What Are People Saying About Us?

These are things our clients have said to us and we wanted to share them with you.  we are very proud of our professionalism, expertise and customer service and it shows through how people feel when they are spending time with us.  These are text messages, emails, facebook messages, etc. that we have received from clients of our spa.


Should I shave or trim prior to waxing?

No. In order to get a smooth wax with less tweezing, hair needs to be ¼ inch long.  Longer the better! 



Will waxing hurt?

Yep, a little bit. But not as much as you would expect. We are removing hair from the root after all, but the treatment is quick and using the best waxes and good waxing techniques, waxing can be fairly painless. We will keep your skin taut and this will help in terms of the hair removal. Some clients prefer to take Tylenol/advil/ibuprofen about 30 minutes before the treatment, but that is not necessary. The first time you wax, it will be more painful; however, waxing is much quicker and much more comfortable if it’s maintained on a regular basis, so please book your next appointment before you leave.